SABORES DE MEXICO: a taste of tradition

SABORES DE MEXICO: a taste of tradition

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Welcome to your trip to Mexico through food! Each month we will take you to a state in beautiful Mexico for you to experience their cuisine. No need to pack the sunscreen! Learn about the state through taste and smell! Book your reservation for Sabores de Mexico which will take place one weekend per month from March to December 2022. Weekends will vary depending on the month and holidays, so please check back for dates as each month gets closer. 
* Each guest will receive their very own flavor passport to use through the series. 
* Each dinner will have 3 to 4 courses for you to explore the state
* Drink pairings will be offered with each course.
* Every time you join us for Sabores de Mexico you'll receive a stamp on your passport
* Fill your passport with all 10 stamps and receive a $50 dine in credit to use when the event series is over. 

FIRST UP: The Deliciously Beautiful state of Oaxaca March 11-12th. Enter on Instagram & Facebook for your chance to win a dinner for you and 3 friends!

We hope you will become part of this magical tour of our beautiful Mexico! Call us to reserve or simply click on our reservation button.

Plan your next visit for Sabores de Mexico. Below are our tentative dates, which can always change in the months to come. However, dates provided thirty days before an event are set in stone. All events will run for dinner from 5:30 to 7:30pm. Please reserve your spot as space is limited. Get your tickets by calling us at (773)384-4285 or by visiting

April 15-16: Michoacan
May 6-7: Puebla
June 10-11: Veracruz
July 8-9: Sinaloa
August 12-13: Baja California
September 16-17: Jalisco
October 14-15: Yucatan
November 18-19: Nuevo Leon
December 9-10: Estado de Mexico

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